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How to Become a Youtube Partner

Nowadays everyone who has the internet access who upload video content on youtube  wants to make money from their video content.You might wanna be a youtube partner.well, Youtube partner Program is designed where you Youtube select YouTuber to share revenue with them.By Placing Ads everywhere on their videos.

YouTube Partner

Well In this Articles i am gonna describe you How to became a youtube partner.How to monetize your Youtube Channel and also your videos.Now You really Need to stick around on this web page and read this complete article.Because we have really important information before you go through to the application process.

Now Youtube Made some Policy Changes in the partner program so you don’t wanna miss them.


How to Become a Youtube Partner?

alright, you ready to have come a youtube partner and monetize your Youtube Channel?

To do this First.Go to the Video Manger into your Youtube Channel.Now Click On Channel Settings Lets go and Select that.and the Next thing is you need to make sure that your youtube account is verified.also make sure that your channel is in Good Standing and  don’t have any copyright strike.If so You won’t be able to monetize your youtube channel.Once You have a clean channel You have to Click Monetization Option And Click on the Enable Button to become a youtube partner.

Next Step is Click on Enable My Account.when you will click on this button it will go basically to the youtube terms and services from where you have to read these terms and condition and you have to check them all and accept them.And click on I Accept.Onece that done Basically you need to monetize all your video’s.Choose the adds formats and Click on the Monetize.

To Change Video Monetization Settings to the specific video and Click on the Edit Option and then you can see a bar with the name of monetization.Where You can Enable and Disable Monetization for any specific video.

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