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Free YouTube Earning Course In Multan

Free YouTube Earning Course In Multan

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Click Here Registration 

YouTube Earning Course

Download Free YouTube Earning Course 2016

Course outline                              Duration: 1 day                   Course Fee: FREE*

  • What is YouTube? Why YouTube Pay Us?
  • What is Google AdWords?
  • What is an Advertiser?
  • What is Google AdSense?
  • What is a Publisher?
  • What is YouTube Partner Program?
  • YouTube Ads types.
  • How much money can I make from YouTube?
  • How many ways we can used to make money on YouTube?
  • Planning for earning $500 per month.
  • How to make money on YouTube (in Short)
  • What is Niche? How to select a good Niche? Top Niches for Working on YouTube?
  • How to Create a Channel.
  • How to set channel art?
  • How to Set Channel Logo.
  • How to Get 50,000 views for YouTube Videos in 3 days.
  • How to apply for AdSense.
  • How to Associate Channel with old AdSense.
  • Different Types of Videos & Which will be the Best Camera for You to Shoot YouTube Videos?
  • Top Software’s for Videos Creation.
  • What is Video Structure in YouTube Videos?
  • How to create a Slideshow Videos.
  • How to Create Urdu Slideshow Videos.
  • How create Screencast videos.
  • How to Record and Edit Green Screen Videos.
  • YouTube Video Ranking.
  • How to Write a Good Title.
  • How to create a thumbnail for a YouTube Video.
  • How to use Proper Tags in YouTube Videos.
  • How to Get Views on YouTube Videos?
  • How much Views I Can Get from Social media?
  • How to Get Subscribers on a new YouTube Channel.
  • How to Check YouTube earnings. What is Pin? How to Cash out YouTube Earnings.
  • Live Question’s Answers.

Classes will be on Every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday in Morning & Evening.

Contact: 0300-7329755, 0342-8670302                 *Environmental Charges: 1500

Address: Babar Town Near Chowk Nag Shah old Shujhabad road Multan.

Click Here Registration 

Download Free YouTube Earning Course 2016

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