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Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Get More Views on YouTube Videos.

Watching videos on youtube is a great way to gain more knowledge in short time.Now a days everyone who is new one youtube want to be famous in days.The Major Problem of newbies is How to Get More Views on youtube videos.

Getting traffic on YouTube Videos is not an easy part for a new you we have bring some tips and tricks for you if you follow these tips and tricks your will get more views and see the results within 3o days after implementation.

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1- Consider Video Quality

Well my First Tip is to Improve Your Videos Quality.You have to create  amazing videos for your audience that attract your audience in Return Your Audience Will Like ,Comment and Subscribe Your Channel if You have some Good Quality Videos on Your YouTube Channel.

2.Include Keywords

Keywords are necercery to include in the video description to boost rankings within YouTube and In Google Search results.To Get More Views on youtube videos.You have to include your keywords into your title and description. It will increasing your ranking in youtube search so that you can get more views from youtube search.

3.Add A Link In Video Description.

For Getting More Views You Have to make sure that you have insert at-least 1 link in your youtube video should be your Facebook page Link.or Your Google Plus Page Link,You can also post your website link.Its also help youtube algorithm to find out that is your videos eligible to rank on up level.And Make sure that the link which you have posted in the description is an hyperlink which clickable so that visitor can visit your page or website from that link and you got the traffic on your website too.


Thumbnails are the most important part of video marketing.its a great way to attract your audience to click on your be care full when you are going to chose thumbnails i always suggest you to chose a custom thumbnails designed by a professional if your good in adobe Photoshop then its easy to create a high quality and eye catching thumbnail for your video.


Annotations are the best way to get more views and subscribes on any youtube channel.Use annotation in your videos and promote your channel subscriber link and other videos.also you can promote search quires for your own videos by using annotation to boost your channel search engine optimization.If you want to be a Master in YouTube Annotations then you have to Join Our YouTube Making Money Course First Phase. it will helps you to boost your channel ranking up-to 700%.

7.Promotion on Social media.

Social media is a great source to get more views on youtube videos.Promote Your videos on Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus,Pinterest,Digg,Reddit for gaining more and more views.make a proper plan for social media marketing and strict with it.if You want to learn these social media platform then i highly recommend you to join YouTube Making Money Course.

8.User Engagement.

To Get more views on youtube videos you must have to communicate with your audience reply their comments with nice language to to build a trust flow.Spend some times to Comment on some others videos in that way some times people came and check out your channel that what you have to show and in this way you got new friends new subscribers and new audience for your YouTube channel.

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  1. As i’m new on youtube i didn’t know these things very well.surely this article was a kinda help

  2. Bhai g maine aap ki abhi tak 1,2 video dehki hain bht achi lagi hain . mera sawal ye hai ky mai chata hon k youtube par ak know person ban kar videos don matlb ky kahe say copy past wala system na ho tu os k lia mjy guide karain ky mai kasy kam start kar sakta hon ? mai chata hon ky jo bhi video ho wo meri apni create ki hui ho guide me thnx u .

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