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Get Views On YouTube Videos from Reddit

How to Get Views from Reddit

To Get Views on YouTube Videos from Reddit. First we have to know what Reddit is. How it works.

How much views we can get from Reddit? How to get views from Reddit?

get views from reddit

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a social networking website Like Facebook, Twitter. It’s also known as a front page of the internet many news and videos becomes viral from Reddit. In There are Tons of Subreddits these subreddits are like Facebook groups. Every Subreddit has its own rules you must have to follow these rules.

What is up vote and down vote?

up vote is familiar with Facebook Like Button when somebody Likes Your Post He Gives You an up vote to your post so that many peoples can see your posts each time you got up votes your post your Link karma is increased. When somebody dislike your post he gives your post a down vote you got down vote in – your post is removed from Reddit.

What is Comment Karma?

When You comment on somebody’s post if they like your comment they give you up vote  in the result your comment karma will increased and your comment will be raised on the top of all the comments. If Peoples down vote your comment then your comment karma will be goes in – and your comment will be removed after few moments.

How to Get Views On YouTube Videos from Reddit?

There are a sub Reddit called r/videos subreddit where you can submit all major videos sheering websites videos links.

In this subreddit there are up to 100.000.00 subscribers some time 1 Lac or sometime above are online. You just have to submit your YouTube videos direct link in to r/videos subreddit if your video has good power in it and you did not break any rules of r/videos subreddit. Then you are going to get millions of views in next 24 hours. Before posting in r/videos subreddit make sure your Reddit account is 10 days old and you have at least 100 link karma and 10 comment karma before posting in r/videos.

For increasing Link karma and comment karma first You have to contribute in this social networking platform for this propose Post few posts in r/Aww or in wallpapers and for gaining comment karma you have to contribute in r/askreddit.


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