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How to Make Money On YouTube Free Webinar

How to make money on youtube in Pakistan or in any other country.It is the question who has every newbie in his mind.So we have decided to teach you free of cost via free webinar training.This free webinar was held on 3rd  June 2016.

How to make money on YouTube as a Newbie?

Make Money On youtube






In this free webinar training Video, we have covered all things from Basic.So that you can also start making some handsome amount of earning from youtube on a monthly basis.Youtube has been Known 2nd largest search engine on the Planet.if somebody want to get some info about any topic they prefer to watch a video instead wasting their times on reading a long article on a website.

in this free webinar Training video, we have uncovered all the secrets so that you can also start making money on youtube as a newbie.

To make money on youtube first you must have 2 Google emails ids 1 id for Your Youtube Channels.And one id for a save Google AdSense Account where your all earning will be saved.

To Start Make Money on Youtube first, you have to create a Youtube Channel with the name of your topic in which you have interest.

To make money on youtube after making a youtube channel you have to signup for a Google AdSense account to Get Your earnings.

apply for a Google AdSense account and Associate it with your Youtube channel.

Set up a unique Logo and an eye-catching Youtube Channel art on your Youtube channel.

After setting up Logo and channel art you have to create or download videos from the internet after creating or downloading your videos you have to edit them for this propose I mostly used Camtasia video studio which is a very easy software to use for youtube videos editing.

After that Your are ready to go Just Upload Your created Videos on Youtube and monetize them to make money from youtube.also, put an eye catching thumbnail for your video.

Now You have to promote your videos and Youtube Channel on different social media platform to Getting views on your youtube videos to make money.when somebody will watch your videos.Youtube will show them ads before and after your videos and when somebody will click on that ads you will make money on youtube from that ads click.

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  1. youtube wala gmai pr jb main yutube use kro ga to pakistan ki ip adress se kro ya usa ki and moore aboount aur adsense acount dosre wale gmail se jb main oopen kro tu wo bhi konsi ip se please please help me

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