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YouTube Making Money Course First Phase Video Presentation

Overview of the YouTube Live Training  Course First Phase:

YouTube Live Training Course First Phase is Basically designed to earning money from YouTube. YouTube  Is world’s 3rd largest Search Engine.Now its give an opportunity to its videos creators to make some handsome income from their videos Join First Phase Course. In Our First Phase course, we will teach You from Most Basic Level to Advance Level. We are going Discover all the YouTube secret Strategies  in our course so you can make money on YouTube as soon as fast. we’ve given a step by step process for you to work as a YouTube Video marketer expert in the market.   So this is the only perfect making money course on YouTube in Urdu currently, check the outline & introduction video and if you are satisfied then you can Join First Phase Course with full confidence.

Join 1st batch course

 Course Short Details: 

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Number of Videos: 40

Instructor: Muhamamd ittifaq

Price: Rs.4000

Special Discounted Price: RS.3000 

The Outline of the Course:

We Have Divided this course in 4 section:

1.Basic Section

2.Videos Section.

3.Promotion Section.

4.Problems and Their Solution.

1.Basic Section

  • What is YouTube?
  • Why will YouTube Pay Us?
  • YouTube Partnership Programs Terms And Services.
  • What Is Google Adsense.
  • How to find a best  Topic/Name for me to create a YouTube Channel.
  • How to Create a YouTube Channel.
  • How to Design A Professional Logo For YouTube.
  • How to Design A Professional Channel Art.
  • How to Set A YouTube Channel Art.
  • How to Set a YouTube Channel Profile Picture.
  • How to Enable Monetization.
  • How to Apply For Hosted Adsense.
  • How to Get Approved Adsense For YouTube In 5 minds.
  • How to Attached Your Previous Channel With Your Adsense.
  • Branding Of Your YouTube Channel.
  • How to Setup Upload Default Settings properly.
  • How to add your Targeted Keywords in your channel for better searching results.
  • What is Featured Channel and how we can use it to increase our engagements?
  • How to Get A Custom URL For Your YouTube Channel.
  • How to add Channel Disruption Properly.
  • How to add Your social media Links in YouTube Channel.


2.Videos Section

  • What is Keyword Research and how to do it Properly?
  • What is Content ID and how its works.
  • Types of Strikes That A Newbie face who does not know how to works on YouTube.
  • Community Guideline Strike , Copy Right Strike, Provide Commercial Usage Rights.
  • What a Newbie Do When He Join YouTube for Videos.
  • Software that we used to create Videos.
  • 1. Camtasia Studio 2.BB FlashBack Pro 5
  • How to Produce Videos Using BB FlashBack Pro 5.
  • How to Edit Videos In BB FlashBack Pro 5.
  • How to Produce Videos Using Camtasia Video Studio.
  • How to Edit and produce Professional & High-Quality Videos In Camtasia Video Studio.
  • How to Create Professional Thumbnails for YouTube Videos.
  • How to upload Videos on YouTube.
  • Ranking Factors Of YouTube Videos.
  • What is Tube Rank Jeet 2 and How to Install it and use it for our video S.E.O to get noticed by YouTube &     Google?(video Ranking)
  • How to Rank YouTube Videos Using Tube Rank Jeet 2.
  • How to Submit Your Videos To Google.
  • How to Work with CC Videos.
  • How to Work With Trending Videos.
  • How I Got 30,000,00 Views In Just 7 Days by Working On A Trend.
  • (case Study) up to 1 hour 20 mins video training.
  • How to Work With Tuts Videos.

3.YouTube Videos Promotion Section.

Platform That we are going learns in YouTube Videos Promotion Section.

  1. Blog/Website –1 hour Complete Video Training.
  2. Facebook-30 Mints Complete Guide.
  3. Reddit-1 Hour Plus Complete Video Training.
  4. Stumble upon up to-30 mints Complete Video Guide
  5. Pinterest- 30 mints plus Complete Guide
  6. Twitter- 30 mints plus complete video Guide.
  7. Google Plus up to 1 hours and 20 mins complete training of Google Plus.
  8. YouTube Mastering In Annotation  v 1.0- up to  2 Hours and 8 Mints Complete Video Training.

YouTube Video Promotion On Blogger

1 hour Complete Video Training.

  • How to setup A Full S.E.O Optimized  blog for videos promotion or a Brand. Full Training From Creating a blog to promoting a blog with all strategies that works.


YouTube Videos Promotion On Facebook

30 Mints Complete Guide.

  • Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook Task.
  • Thumbnails Role In Videos Promotion and different types of Thumbnails.
  • How to Works with Facebook Fan pages to promote YouTube videos.
  • Secret Strategy to get lifetime free targeted traffic for your brand/ YouTube videos without spending a penny on Facebook ads.
  • How to Use Facebook Groups To Get Traffic.


How to Make money From Facebook.

How to Get Traffic On a Blog/Website /YouTube videos From Reddit

1 Hour Plus Complete Video Training

  • What is Reddit,
  • Reddit’s New Terms And Condition For 2016 in Urdu.
  • How to create multiple  Reddit E-mail Verified accounts.
  • What is link karma and how to increase it?
  • What is comment karma and how to increase it?
  • Requirements before posting on r/videos.
  • How to Get Most From Reddit without doing any spamming activity.

How to Get Traffic from Stumble upon

up to-30 mints Complete Video Guide

  • How to create stumble upon profile,
  • How to work on stumble upon.
  • How to get views and website hits from stumble upon.
  • Tips for stumble upon.

How to Get Traffic from Pinterest.

up-to 30 mints video training guide.

  • How to Create Pinterest Profile.
  • How to Work On Pinterest Account.
  • How to Gain Traffic For a Website/Blog from Pinterest.
  • How to Get YouTube Videos Views From Pinterest.

How to Get Traffic from Twitter.

up-to 32 mints videos training guide.

  • How to Create a Twitter Profile.
  • How to increase twitter followers.
  • How to get website/blog traffic from twitter.
  • How to get YouTube videos views from twitter.

YouTube Mastering In Annotation v 1.0

up to 2 hours and 8 mins Complete video Training

How to increase YouTube channel views and user engagement’s up to 750% to get most from YouTube By Just Using Annotations. Outline of Mastering In Annotations:

  • What is Annotation, Types of Annotation,
  • Benefits of Using Annotation.
  • Creating Your Annotation.
  • Setup In Video Programing.
  • External Link Annotations.
  • 2016 Working Annotations Strategies that works great.
  • Advanced Tips for Annotations
  • And much more…

4.Major Issues and their solutions

  • How to Check YouTube Earning In AdSense.
  • What is CPC ?
  • What is CTR ?
  • What is CPM ?
  • What is RPM ?
  • How to Change Pay name and Address.
  • How to Verify AdSense Without Pin.
  • How to Receive Payments from AdSense.
  • How to Withdraw Funds from AdSense if Your Balance is Blow 100$.
  • Tips for Keeping Your AdSense Safe.
  • How To File A Copyright Strike/Complain To YouTube for removing your content that was re-uploaded by another YouTube user.
  • What is Community Guideline Strike and how to Prevent from Community Guideline Strikes?
  • How to Fix Not Eligible to Monetization Problem.
  • AdSense Association Problem.
  • I create my own Videos but
  • YouTube did not monetize my videos.
  • How to Increase YouTube Income in Legal Way.
  • Final Remarks Video .


  • How to Make Fast Money on Reddit


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Join 1st batch courseJoin 1st batch Course:

Course Price: Rs.4000 OR $40

Special Discounted Price RS: 3000 OR $30

Click Here to Watch Our Students Reviews about our course.

Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, EasyPaisa, Western Union,

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How to Join First Phase Course of YouTube Live Training?

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Mobile #: 0300-7329755 (+92)

Skype: waheed19126

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