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YouTube Earning Course Phase 2

YouTube Earning Course Phase 2

Complete Training of working with All Wrestling Brands Videos.

یوٹیوب ارننگ کورس فیز2

ریسلنگ کی ویڈیوز پر کام کرنے کی مکمل ٹریننگ

Presentation Video |تعارفی ویڈیو

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Wrestling is the one of the Famous sport in the world.Peoples are crazy to watch Wrestling in Worldwide. Are You a Wrestling Fan? And Want to Make Some Bucks $$$ from Your Interest Like WWE? well you are in a Right Place.

What is YouTube Earning Course Phase 2?


YouTube Earning Course Phase 2 is Designed to work with all kind of wrestling brands videos on YouTube.In this course you will learn.How to make money on YouTube by working on copyrighted Wrestling brands Videos.This course is for those who wants to make some fast cash.This course is not for noobs. In this course we will go through Step by Step to work with any wrestling brand that you can easily start your Wrestling brand channel.We will cover all the secrets you don’t know about working with copyrighted


Course Short Details: 

Course Duration: 5 Hours

Number of Videos: 31

Instructor: Muhamamd ittifaq

youtube earning course

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Video No 1
How to do Planning for working on Wrestling.
How to Set Goals to earn up to $500 per month.
Video No 2
How to find hot topics for videos.
How to Get hot topics videos.
How to Keep in touch with your niche to that what’s going on in your niche wwe etc.
Websites for download complete shows.
All time Green Videos.
Video No 3
Wrestling Brands for working.
Discussed Wrestling Brands.
Video No 4
Tips for Creating A WWE Channel.
Video No 5
How to Create a YouTube Channel for working with WWE Videos.
Video No 6
How to Apply for Adsense Account or Link with Other Adsense Account on other Gmail ID.
Video No 7
Motivational Video How a Channel Make $2500 with Just 7 videos in 2 weeks by working on an WWE event.
Video No 8
What is Fair use and how we can use it for working with copyrighted videos
Video No 9
Video Editing Technic 1
How to Edit and Monetize WWE Videos Under Fair Use Policy.
Video No 10
Video Editing Technic 2
How to Edit and Monetize WWE Videos Under Fair Use Policy.
Video No 11
Video Editing Technic 3
How to Edit and Monetize UFC Videos Under Fair Use Policy.
Video No 12
Video Editing Technic 4
How to Edit and Monetize UFC Videos Under Fair Use Policy.
Video No 13
Video Editing Technic 5
How to Edit and Monetize UFC Videos Under Fair Use Policy.
Video No 14
How to Target a WWE Event for Fast Earning.
Video No 15
Video Ranking Part 1
Title Importance in YouTube Video Ranking.
Secret Tips for Writing a Good Title for Easy Ranking.
How to Write Good A Video Title In Few Seconds.
Video No 16
Video Ranking Part 2
What is Description importance in Video Ranking?
How to Write a Strong Description.
How to Increase subscribers with Just 1 Magical Line In Description.
Video No 17
Video Ranking Part 3
Importance of Tags in YouTube Video Ranking.
How to Write Tags.
How to Use Tags.
How to Get those that works for our video.
Video No 18
Importance of Video Thumbnails in YouTube Video Ranking.
What is Exact Thumbnail Size use for YouTube Videos.
How to Get Thumbnails from Our Competitors Videos.
How to Get Thumbnails for Our Video from Google Images.
Video No 19
Things We Need To Avoid While Working On WWE Videos.
Video No 20
How to Remove Community Guideline Strike Live.
Video No 21
How to Remove a Copyright Strike in 24 to 48 hours
Video No 22
Black Hat Secret Trick 1 For Getting instant Views on WWE Videos.
Video No 23
Black Hat Secret Trick 2 For Getting instant Views on WWE Videos.
Video No 24
Noobs Misconceptions Who Wants to Work With Copyrighted Things.
Video No 25
Video No 26
How To Use Adsense Account.
Video No 27
How to Transfer Funds from 1 Adsense to Another Adsense Account.
Video No 28
How to Increase Subscribers.
Video No 29
How to Use VidIQ,HeartBeat,& Tube Buddy
Video No 30

How to Re-Enable Channel Monetization if its got Suspended due to Invalid Click Activity.

Video No 31
Final Remarks.

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